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Mary Pratt, Maryland, Winter 2019, painting

Mary Pratt, a Georgia-based artist, is known for her impressionistic yet modern oil paintings that capture the world with a jovial poise. Her soft, ethereal palette is complemented by the occasional bright pop of color. The artist’s aesthetic choices are intuitive rather than premeditated. Through her gestural brushstrokes, Mary’s paintings summon a joyful, even childlike, emotional response.

Her style is nuanced by a range of inspirations, including synergy from the state of Georgia. The personal edge that Mary brings to each painting alters and enhances recognizable subject matter, cultivating an imaginative visual experience.

John Lunar Richey, Maine, Fall 2018, poetry

John Lunar Richey has poetry published in Rolling Stone and many literary magazines. Lunar often contributed to Long Shot, which now has every copy in the prestigious, Beat Museum in San Francisco. Lunar has also published erotica. Most notable publications are London's, The Best Of The Journal Of Erotica and The Mammoth Book of New Erotica, published by Carrol & Graf in both UK and USA.

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Peter Myers, New Jersey, Winter 2018, music & poetry

Peter Myers is a singer-songwriter whose career began with a music publishing contract and songwriting position at April/Blackwood, a music publishing division of CBS Music in New York City. During that time, Myers formed his own band based out of the Jersey Shore. The Peter Myers Band (PMB) began opening for national acts and working the showcase-club circuits of the Jersey Shore and New York City.

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Manuel Ojea, Las Tunas, Cuba/Valencia, Spain, Summer/Fall 2017, painting

To feel nostalgia is, in its strict sense, to notice a deep pain when remembering something that is no longer here: a person, the longing for a particular time or the place or origin of each one. To get used to it is to live constantly in the memory of an idyllic time.

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Kyle Baker, Tennessee, Fall 2016, painting

Kyle Baker was born in Nashville, Tennessee and has been scuzzin' and buzzin' for the better part of his life. He has traveled to many places throughout Europe and Asia, including spending a year in Vietnam. He now lives and works in Beijing, China.

Ulf Enhorning, Sweden, 2017 & 2017, painting, music, audio/video

Ulf Enhorning, born in Stockholm, Sweden, grew up in Sweden, Canada and the United States. At an early age his grandmother, Louise Peyron, also a painter, introduced him to the works of old masters at galleries in Stockholm. She told him stories about their lives and also encouraged his interest to draw and sculpt his siblings. Salvador Dali was Ulf's greatest hero at this time, but when he later immigrated to Toronto with his family at the age of 15, he was greatly inspired by the mystical landscape paintings of Lawren Harris.

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Alesandra Valenzuela, Sebastian, Florida, 2016, music

"I accomplished more in 2 weekends at STOUTHOUSE than I did in a year in my closet 'music studio'."

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